Sunday, March 22, 2009

Terex MT 6300 AC

Terex Mining Australia has introduced the MT6300AC haul truck at its Mining Australia Open Day, held recently in Perth.
According to the company, the MT6300AC is the only truck in the industry to be designed from the ground up, and is the world’s first 400 ton haul truck.
The MT6300AC’s engine offers 3750 hp and has a front axle clearance of 0.91 m

The product also features a longer cab that offers drivers more room and storage; curved front, floor and canopy to allow for easier dumping; and an improved nosecone design that permits easier maintenance.
The first client for the MT6300AC is CITIC Pacific Mining. CITIC will also receive Terex’s new RH 400 hydraulic shovel.
The RH 400 is said to be one of the largest hydraulic excavators on the market, and the only hydraulic shovel in the 100 ton class.
According to Terex the RH 400 can be fitted with three different shovel options, a 50.0 m3 standard rock shovel, a 45.0 m3 oil sand shovel or a 37.0 m3 iron ore shovel.
The hydraulic shovel has recorded bucket payloads of up to 100 tons, and has average cycle times of below 30 seconds.
According to the company, the RH 400 also has an increased cooling capacity, with the oil flow of the cooling pumps increased by 25%.

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